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Girls in Comics - Teen Edition


With the ComicCon season approaching, it's time to brush up on great girl graphic novels! I love finding new titles written or illustrated by women, or featuring heroines of every feather. Whether they're flaunting their flaws, battling demons (either literally or figuratively), or simply living their best lives despite what's thrown in their paths, females are becoming more popular in the comic industry than ever before.

Are you curious about the various iterations of Ms. Marvel, or best-kept secret the Incredible Squirrel Girl? Care to delve into the fantastical world of Elfquest, lovingly crafted for the past 40 years by husband and wife team Wendy and Richard Pini? Do you prefer non-fiction stories, and would like to learn about female primatologists, or study a women's perspective on gender stereotypes and boundaries? Do you reach for manga instead of traditional Western art? Are you keen to discover the latest independent comic artist? Check out this (non-comprehensive) list of teen graphic novels either written or illustrated by women, or featuring strong females as the lead characters. Be sure to click on the list link for the complete list, and please leave me a comment if there's a title you feel should be included!

Amazing Teen Comics By (or About) Women by Nadine_OPL

A great list of teen graphic novels that go through my hands. These great books are written and/or illustrated by women, and/or have a main character who is female. Enjoy!