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How to Work in a Federal Election

Civic Engagement Series --Faces


Have you thought of working in an election as a way of participating in democracy?  Democracy depends on participation. The Federal Election is coming up in October and working in an election is a valid form of participation. How can you get involved?  Join Elections Canada staff for an informative session offering practical resources, tools and tips on how to work in an election and on the benefits of working in an election.  

Leading up to the election, Elections Canada is offering interactive information sessions on various road maps to participating. This is the second session.  Elections Canada is an independent, non-partisan agency responsible for ensuring that Canadians have the information on the where, when and way to register and vote in a federal election. Join Elections Canada for the first of three information sessions explaining the different journeys to civic participation that you can choose.

This session is part of the Ottawa Public Library's Civic Engagement Series.



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