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  • Service de retour et de collecte d'articles réservés sans contact


    La BPO offre un service de retour et de collecte d’articles réservés sans contact à certaines succursales, avec un nouvel horaire de service. Trouvez les détails de ce service.

    • Les RETOURS sont acceptés seulement pendant les heures d’ouverture, aucun rendez-vous n’est requis. Les dates d'échéance pour les articles empruntés précédemment ont été prolongées et les frais de retard suspendus.

    Selon la directive de Santé publique Ottawa, veuillez porter un masque lorsque vous entrez dans une succursale.

    Pour toute information sur les cartes de bibliothèque, les programmes virtuels, ou autre, communiquez avec InfoService par téléphone ou courriel.

Emerald Plaza Breaks Through to the Other Side


I can’t help but have the Doors song “Break on Through to the Other Side” running through my head as I type this post.

The Emerald Plaza Branch is closed today for the second of three closures in our journey to expand the location to nearly twice its current size.  In the first stage, books and shelving were moved and a temporary wall was erected to separate the original library space from the construction zone.  Staff and customers have listened to the construction progress over the past month and a half, and this morning we broke through to the other side to see!

The RFID (radio frequency identification) sorting equipment is operational and library staff had training this morning with the new technology.  We have spent the remainder of the day packing up the offices, computers and library materials so that we’re ready to begin moving to the new, renovated space.


EP sorter 3_0.jpg
The plan is to reopen the branch to the public on July 22nd.   A third, short closure will occur in the Fall to remove the temporary wall, completing the expansion.

All of the Emerald Plaza staff are looking forward to showing off our beautiful new space, so be sure to come and see us on the ‘other side’!