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Dating Anyone?


A  subject search on our web catalogue yields many results for online dating.  The most recent title,  Data, A Love Story, has a double meaning, love of data and of the heart.,_a_love_story
The author devised a point system, any potential mates had to meet or exceed 700 to qualify.
"I'd used math, logic and a highly tailored data set to reverse- engineer an online dating algorithm so that it was personalized exactly for me."  Sounds rather "impersonal" but she found a husband.
There are many online dating stories; laughable dates and heartbreaking tales of deception and fraud.

 For those in trouble online support is available

 Millions of people are searching online for some kind of love. In India alone there are an estimated 6 million, the traditional method of arranged marriage being replaced by the internet.

If all of this is too much for you I offer


In Spanish " my half orange" translates to "mi media naranja" which means "my sweetheart".  That's a term that would eliminate the awkwardness when introducing a special person.  Not the businesslike "my partner" or the ambiguous "my friend".  My half orange- why didn't we think of that? The basis of this book is to live in positive energy and optimism and watch love show up where least expected.
Hello law of attraction- goodbye lemons.

How long before the market is saturated?  How did we get  here and where do we go from here?
What's the next trend in finding a relationship? Social evolution is interesting from a safe distance.