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Today is a day for crime (fiction)


Does James Patterson ever stop writing?! He has written over 117 novels for kids, teens and adults and has sold more than 270 million copies. Clearly, he is one of today’s best-selling authors writing across genres including crime, thrillers, non-fiction and romance though he is best known for the Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club series. If you’re a fan, you know his crime writing is fast-paced, dramatic, thrilling and features devious criminals and clever detectives. And if you’re an Alex Cross fan, but you’ve exhausted all his exploits, try these:


Lee Child, Killing Floor  (Jack Reacher Series)
Killing Floor The first in a lengthy series (now on book #18 titled Never Go Back) starring Jack Reacher, a former military policeman looking for the grave site of an old blues pioneer when he's arrested for the execution-style murders of two men.  Reacher is more of an anti-hero: creepy, violent and amoral. There’s certainly a world to explore here and the stories don’t seem to be slowing down at time soon.



Mary Higgins Clark, Daddy's Gone A Hunting 

Daddy's Gone A Hunting This is the newest from an author who has mastered the art of suspense. Two sisters are implicated in a mid-night explosion which burned fine antiques and museum artifacts. This international best-seller always has you asking for more and the inevitable question: “who done it”?





Stuart Woods, Doing Hard Time

Doing Hard Time 
Currently on order at the library, the latest from this best-seller features Peter, the son of his hero suave lawyer Stone, who takes the reins. You may want to read some of Woods’ other novels to get an idea of Stone and Teddy, a rogue former CIA agent who Stone once pursued. Their characters have changed over time and this novel will leave the readers wondering if their partnership is a good one.





Light of the World James Lee Burke,  Light of the World

Delve into the world of Louisiana Sherriff’s Detective Dave Robicheaux and his longtime friend and partner Clete Purcel as they travel through Montana and discover that their families are in danger. Award-winning and laden with great reviews, Burke is a celebrated master. This is book 20 in the Robicheaux series.




Tess Gerritsen,  Last to DieLast to Die

 If you’re looking for a female perspective, Gerritsen brings to life Maura Isles, a medical examiner, and Jane Rizzoli, a police detective. Gerritsen’s writing is versatile as she brings together strong female characters and a thrilling plot. You may find this novel so realistic that it haunts you even after you put it down.