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Genome Mate Pro Workshop

Have you done your DNA?  Wondering what else to do with it?

Join Jason Porteous, Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, explain how to use Genome Mate Pro and other tools such as Borland Genetics which allow you to partially/fully phase your DNA test results.  That is, separate your maternal from paternal chromosome to create a "mono" DNA kit that on GEDmatch will return matches to one parent while also greatly reducing false matches!  Chromosome mapping may also be discussed. 

*Bring your Laptop/Tablet & your DNA data (downloaded from your test company), as Genome Mate Pro works with your results.

Before the Session:

Download your match information. This can be done for FTDNA, MyHeritage, & 23andMe using DNAGedcom, & for Ancestry it can't be done directly but is doable indirectly by matching others from Ancestry or any company who have transferred to the third party site Gedmatch.

Jason, a Genealogist and DNA Expert, recommends everyone, regardless of what test, transfer to Gedmatch to allow across company comparisons and to generate the largest match list of genetic cousins possible!

*Please read their terms of service closely. This site now has an opt in/opt out choice everyone needs to answer regarding their choice of allowing/not allowing their DNA to be matched to Law Enforcement samples being used to look for violent criminals or missing persons.




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