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Read 1000 Books Before Kindergarten



We are excited about early literacy at Ruth E. Dickinson and now have our new program up and running.  We are participating in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program, started in the USA, and gaining interest across Canada   Literacy studies have shown that early exposure to books, and reading out loud together beginning at birth, helps children strengthen language skills and build vocabulary.

The concept is simple. Read any book to your newborn, infant and/or toddler.  The goal is to read 1000 books before the child enters kindergarten.  Easy!  One book a night equals 365 books in one year and following on, 1095 books in three years.

Here at Dickinson we are providing an OPL folder with bilingual program instructions and the first 100 book bilingual log sheet to all interested (under the age of 4).  When the first 100 books has been read, participants come back to the library for the second log sheet, and receive a marker to record their journey to the 1000 book finish line.

We encourage you to take up the challenge and with your favourite little person, read your first 1000 books!