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If you're wondering how the "pour" people are doing at Manotick with acrylics

Acrylic pour painting at Manotick

We had two sessions of programs at the Manotick Branch this week [Tuesday June 4 and Wednesday June 5] in which participants experimented with acrylic pour painting.  This technique involves mixing liquified acrylic colours in a small cup, inverting the cup with the mixture onto a prepared canvas.  The artist then lifts the cup and lets the mixed acrylic paint flow over the canvas.  A little tilting of the canvas spreads the medium carefully until the surface is completely covered.  The result is a spectacular pattern with psychodelic effects worthy of framing.  And all it takes is some colour and gravity.  An example of the sequence is seen below:

Acrylic pouring step oneAcrylic pouring step twoAcrylic pouring step three

The people in this program enjoyed themselves immensely.  It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and evening, and the group appreciated Alison, the Manotick and North Gower Branch Supervisor, for leading this program.  Stay tuned this fall for more art programs like this at the Manotick Branch!