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New e-Resource -NFB (National Film Board) Campus will be available soon!


OPL is  always on the lookout for affordable and attractive resources that you will be interested in.


Here is a new e-Resource called NFB Campus:  

Campus is more than just an online streaming site; It's an educational resource that fosters deep learning.NFB Campus streams almost 1,500 more films than the free NFB site. (1,500 through the NFB Campus subscription are only available for streaming in-library; plus 4,500 free films available anywhere in Canada).

These 6,000 films are comprised of  99% Canadian content in English or in French. They provide curated channels and playlists on a variety of topics, The content is organized around three key themes: environment and sustainability, Indigenous voices and reconciliation and diversity and inclusion.


June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day!  The subscription of NFB campus is just in time to showcase the NFB’s rich online collection of Indigenous-made films to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Here are some playlists of indigenous movies. 

Indigenous Cinema

Indigenous Languages

Alanis Obomsawin Retrospective

Unikkausivut Sharing Our Stories

Indigenous- Cinema for Ages 6 to 11

Indigenous Cinema-for Ages 12 to 14

Indigenous Cinema Ages 15 to 18

Indigenous Cinema Professional Learning