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  • Avis : Point de service temporaire de la succursale Rosemount

    Le point de service temporaire est fermé en raison de fortes odeurs se dégageant de l'enduit pour plancher utilisé par l'établissement voisin.

What to Read Next: Game of Thrones

If you liked Game of thrones...list of recommended reads by OPL.

Par taereads

While it's been a couple of weeks since the television series of Game of Thrones ended, the books are still ongoing! If you're a reader excited to jump into fantastical worlds and need something to satiate you in the meantime, check out the suggested titles below or on this listIf You Liked Game of Thrones...

A Game of Thrones by taereads

Like Game of Thrones, they involved an intricate story, gripping characters, and writing that will make it hard to put down.