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Quick Reads


Many Canadians, both new and already established, look for the opportunity to practice and improve their reading in English. Readers are not only looking for books written with clear, simple language, but - most importantly! - engaging and enjoyable stories.

The Quick Reads Initiative began in the UK in 2006, with the goal of bringing easy-to-read maintream books by popular authors into stores and libraries. The Ottawa Public Library has a selection of Quick Reads ranging from thrillers and romance, to science fiction and historical drama, to humour and non-fiction.

Click here to explore the Quick Reads available in the OPL catalogue.

If you'd like to learn more about Quick Reads, browse their publications, or sign up for their news and updates, please visit their website!

Image: Tackling Life

Tackling Life

The True Story of A Footballing Bad Lad Made Good
By Oatway, Charlie


Informative blog - was not aware that Quick Reads existed!