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Ottawa opens its doors this weekend – walk through them to discover the city’s hidden spaces, services, and secrets...


Are you participating in Doors Open?  After exploring Ottawa’s most unique buildings check out some books in our collection to learn more about Ottawa architects, the city’s building materials and design, and how Ottawa’s architecture fits into the history of Canadian architectural styles.

Werner Ernst Noffke

Ottawa's Architect
By Ricketts, Shannon
Image: A Walking Guide

A Walking Guide

Ottawa's Building and Monument Stones
By Gall, Quentin
Image: An Ottawa Album

An Ottawa Album

Glimpses of the Way We Were
By Van de Wetering, Marion


The Golden Years : A Victorian Album : A Unique Collection of Images Relating to Life in Canada's Capital as It Soared Into the Twentieth Century, Including Many Original Advertisements of the Pioneer Merchants of Ottawa, Reproduced Here for the First Time in Over 100 Years
By Macdonald, Ian Verner
Image: For the Record

For the Record

The First Women in Canadian Architecture
Image: Canadian Churches

Canadian Churches

An Architectural History
By Richardson, Peter