MISE À JOUR : Plus de services BPO à compter du 22 février


À compter du lundi 22 février :

  • 25 des 28 succursales ouvertes offriront les services de retours et de la collecte des articles à l’intérieur, ainsi que la consultation sur place et l’utilisation des ordinateurs publics. 
  • Les succursales Orléans, Rosemount et Metcalfe permettront les retours et la collecte des articles réservés sans contact à l’intérieur.
  • Le Bibliobus aura une petite collection à consulter à tous ses arrêts. 
  • Les heures d’ouverture demeurent les mêmes.
  • Le port du masque à l’intérieur et dans les files d’attente à l’extérieur reste obligatoire.

Consultez le blogue de la BPO pour les détails.

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Teen Creative Writing Workshop with YA Author Amelinda Berube


Calling all Teens on Tuesday August 13th from 5pm until 6:30pm, YA author Amelinda Berube will be at Carlingwood Branch for some fun writing exercises to spark your creativity! Get inspiration, tips to hone your craft, some time to write and a chance to share your work. Register by clicking on this link.


Carlingwood’s Teen Advisory Group think Amelinda Berube's latest YA book Here There Are Monsters  is one that we should place in every Teens hand and say, “Read this!” 


Checkout their reviews: 


Submitted By Annika Junek (age 13)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of reading Amelinda Berube’s new book Here There Are Monsters, and needless to say, it’s the perfect summer read. A mix between Stranger Things and The Blair Witch Project, Here There Are Monsters is incredibly written and delightfully spooky, without being too gorey. Perfect for newcomers to the horror genre and old fans alike. The tale of Skye and her odd younger sister Deirdre is captivating and heart-wrenching as Skye tries to unearth what caused Deirdre to disappear into the woods next to their new house.This book will bring to the edge of your seat, with your heart pumping, unable to put it down. Woven with mystery and a delicate love story, Here There Are Monsters brings excitement and thrills to the general blandness of summer vacation. With a relatable and classic main character with a dark secret, this book is full of twists and turns, with an ending you’d never expect. Here There Are Monsters will leave you one of two ways; petrified of that forest near your house, or curious as to what lies within.



Submitted by Nate Berklas (age 14)

Amelinda Bérubé's novel Here There are Monsters is a great summer read. It tells the story of a sixteen-year old girl named Skye. She plays a Knight Protector role for her odd younger sister, Dierdre. She wants to leave this role behind after her family moves to a secluded new town. She wants to fit in with others her age. On the other hand, Dierdre starts to distance herself from Skye until one night she disappears. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Skye is saddled with the challenging quest to find her alone. This book is a must have to any summer reading list.  


Carlingwood’s Teen Advisory Group members enjoys writing reviews and giving us feedback on books,  trends and pop culture.