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Stages and Pages: Best Brothers


Best Brothers, written by award-winning playwright Daniel MacIvor, is a bittersweet comedy about two brothers, Kyle and Hamilton Best, who are struggling to come to terms with the death of their mother, Bunny.  If this souinds like a bit of a drag, it is lightened somewhat by the ludicrous premise that Bunny died when she was crushed by 400 pounds of drag queen and audio equipment falling off a float at a Gay Pride parade.  The brothers, introduced to the audience as they are attempting to create an obituary for their mother, have to cope not only with their own sibling rivalry, but also with equal feelings of resentment towards a third "brother", Enzo, a dog adopted by Bunny in her later years.  Whether this play will make you want to hug your brother or sister or go out and buy a dog, it has plenty of comic relief to please everyone.

Best Brothers can be seen at the Great Canadian Theatre Company from March 10 to Marchr 29.   Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for a chance to win tickets to this enjoyable comedy!   And enjoy the books below to read some background material on sibling rivalry, the death of a parent or why owning a pet can become a life changing experience.

GCTC 2014-15: The Best Brotherspar Shayna_library

As part of the Ottawa Public Library's "Stages and Pages" partnership with the Great Canadian Theatre Company, we have compiled this list to accompany the production of The Best Brothers which will be playing at the GCTC March 10-29, 2015.

  • Image: The Grievers
    A novel about how someone grieving an old classmate's suicide tries to organize a memorial service and has others take advantage of the memorial to further their own ends. Also available as a e-book.
  • Image: Stonewall


    The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution
    By Carter, David
    An in-dept discussion of the Stonewall riots in 1969 which are generally accepted as the beginning of political action promoting openness and equal rights for the glbttq community.
  • Image: Word Is Out

    Word Is Out

    Stories of Some of Our Lives
    This 1978 documentary film claims to be the first feature length film by a gay filmmaker. It features 26 interviews with people from the GBLT community describing their lives and the blatant discrimination they had to face.
  • Image: Stonewall Uprising
    This 2011 documentary film describes the riots following a police raid of a gay bar in June of 1968. These riots were acknowledged to be the start of the Gay Rights Movement.
  • Image: Brothers


    26 Stories of Love and Rivalry
    This book is a collection of essays and short stories written by people who have brothers about their brotherly relationship.
  • Image: The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving

    The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving

    How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts for Thousands of Years
    By Masson, J. Moussaieff
    The author explores the relationship people have with their pets, dogs in particular. He concentrates on his own relationship with his dog, Benjy.
  • Image: What's A Dog For?

    What's A Dog For?

    The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man's Best Friend
    By Homans, John
    This book is a study of dogs from a scientific and behavioural point of view. It also talks about animal rights issues and the bonds and similarities between humans and dogs.
  • Image: Zoobiquity


    What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human
    By Natterson-Horowitz, Barbara
    This entertaining book discusses something call Zoobiquity which is basically that there are many ailments that are common in animals and people and learning about an ailment in either can help discover ways of treating its counterpart.
  • Image: Citizen Canine

    Citizen Canine

    Our Evolving Relationship With Cats and Dogs
    By Grimm, David
    This is another entertaining book outlining our relationships with our pets but also takes a historical look at how laws and societal norms have changed over the years and are changing the status of pets and elevating them to what the author calls quasicitizens.
  • Image: Mothers and Sons
    This is a collection of short stories illustrating the bonds between mothers and sons.