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200 years ago on June 18, the fate of Europe was decided


200 years ago, on June 18 1815, the battle of Waterloo was fought between the Imperial French armies of Napoleon, and the combined armies of the British Duke of Wellington and the German marshal Gebhard von Blücher.  It was a great and terrible event, as all battles are, and now the ground around La Butte aux Lions near Waterloo is hallowed ground: tens of thousands of soldiers gave life or limb in deadly struggle on that fateful day.  A few days later, Napoleon abdicated and Europe at last found peace.

Learn more about that marking historical event thanks to the Ottawa Public Library's collection!  Few battles have generated so much literature, so it's quite easy to learn on the battle itself, its causes, and its consequences for the whole of Europe and the world.


Image: Waterloo


The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles
By Cornwell, Bernard
Image: Waterloo


June 18, 1815 : the Battle for Modern Europe
By Roberts, Andrew
Image: Waterloo


Wellington, Napoleon, and the Battle That Saved Europe
By Corrigan, Gordon
Image: Waterloo


The Aftermath
By O'Keeffe, Paul
Image: Waterloo


In the Footsteps of the Commanders
By Gillespie-Payne, Jonathan
Image: Waterloo


A Near Run Thing
By Howarth, David Armine
Image: Napoleon


[the Myth, the Battles, the Legend]
Image: Wellington and Waterloo

Wellington and Waterloo

The Duke, the Battle and Posterity
By Foster, Ruscombe
Image: The Battle

The Battle

A New History of Waterloo
By Barbero, Alessandro
Image: Wellington's Rifles

Wellington's Rifles

Six Years to Waterloo With England's Legendary Sharpshooters
By Urban, Mark