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A Quick Intro To Paranormal Romance & Some Recommendations

Book Cover: Half-Off Ragnarok

He's a vampire with a taste for danger and O positive... She's a fairy/were-badger from the wrong side of the track... They fight crime (and maybe share a love scene or two).

Just what is paranormal romance (PNR)? This genre covers lighter reads than typical urban fantasy, and often includes series with new heroes featured in each book. They also tend to have happy endings, making them the perfect escape that is quick to read and easy to get into. These may not be classics of literature or Giller award-winners, but they are sure to entertain.

Here are a few recommendations of varied paranormal romances that I have enjoyed:


Roaring Twenties, by Jenn Bennett - This short flapper-esque series features vengeful ghosts, forbidden romances and quite a bit of adventure. The research that went into these books is superb. The third one, which deals with a forbidden romance between a white woman and a man of Chinese descent in 1925 San Francisco, is incredibly realistic and touching. InCryptid, by Seanan McGuire - Not only are monsters living alongside us, but one special family of cryptozoologists is trying their hardest to make sure they keep it that way. Whether it's setting up a breeding program for gorgons, or buying snake sedatives for the neighborhood Medusas, the Price family is on the case. Love At Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks - This fifteen book series has a bit of everything: vampires drinking synthetic blood, werewolves, scots in kilts, and more! The books also manage to be funny and heart-warming,while keeping things interesting with a variety of different plots and villains.


Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper - If you've heard of Heart Island, in the Thousand Islands near Kingston, then you have an idea of what this book entails: a spooky mansion left to rot on a deserted island, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the lady of the house. This book is a great mix of spooky and funny, with a side of sexy.

Paranormal romance tends to cross with many other genres: fantasy, horror, historical romances, teen and sometimes even science fiction. In the next few weeks I will make more recommendations, narrowing the subjects quite a bit.

Til next time,

Kim D


Roaring Twenties Series by Jenn Bennettpar kim_biblio

InCryptid Series by Seanan McGuirepar kim_biblio

Love At Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparkspar kim_biblio