État d'urgence provincial : Impact sur les services de la BPO


Les services de la BPO ne sont pas affectés par l’annonce provinciale du mardi 12 janvier. Le service de retour et de collecte d’articles réservés en bordure de rue continuera aux succursales ouvertes.

Les heures d'ouverture demeureront les mêmes pour la plupart des succursales. Les succursales de Greely, North Gower et Richmond modifieront leurs horaires pour fermer à 20h, et tous les arrêts de Bibliobus fermeront à 20h.

Pour les détails sur les services actuels, veuillez consulter cette page.

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Paranormal Romance Recommendations: Werewolf & Shifter Books


She’s a book-smart werewolf princess who wants a new life...He’s a hot-headed Alpha were-lion who’s never played by anyone else’s rules. They fight crime – and share a sweltering romance!

What is it about werewolves that make them so interesting? Maybe it’s how fluffy they are in animal form, and how buff they are when they shift to human. There are many different takes on the werewolf mythology among paranormal romance (PNR) books, ranging from shifters with little to no control over their animal selves, to giant dire wolves that keep all their human senses, and everything in between.  Wolves aren’t the only ones who get in on the fun either; were-badgers, were-panthers, were-bears, were-wolverines, were-caribou... If you can imagine it, chances are there’s a PNR novel that features one of them.

The following series all have solid characters, excellent and sustained mythologies, and high action and thrills:

  • Changeling Series, by Dani Harper:  this series takes place in British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska, mostly in small towns with a large number of werewolves (or changelings as they prefer to be called) on the prowl. The characters are all fun to read about and although this series can be serious, there are also some laughs to be had.
  • SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team, by Tyler Paige: a recent series, the third book is coming out in December 2015. The Dallas SWAT team has the highest success rate of any SWAT team in the country – because each and every man on the team is a werewolf who can see in the dark and shift to take down hostage takers.
  • Moon Shifter, by Katie Reus: this series is dark and violent, dealing with racism and hate crimes committed against supernatural beings by regular humans. When the series starts, Ana, a female alpha wolf, is trying to keep her ranch of werewolves going after a malicious poisoning that has killed all the men and pregnant women of the pack. She’s strong enough to lead them, but not to protect them from enemies closing on all sides.

So, do you prefer your PNR lighter and funny, or darker and sexier? Werewolf books can go either way.

Next time: vampires!

Kim D

Changeling Series by Dani Harperpar kim_biblio

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series by Tyler Paigepar kim_biblio

Moon Shifter Series by Katie Reuspar kim_biblio