Étape 1 : Services sans contact à l'intérieur des succursales


Il y a des services sans contact à l'intérieur de la plupart des 31 succursales ouvertes, avec des limites de capacité, depuis le 14 juin 2021, à l'exception de Metcalfe Village, d'Orléans et de Rosemount. Cela signifie que :

  • Les articles demandés peuvent être récupérés sur les étagères et empruntés aux postes de prêt libre-service.
  • Les emprunts peuvent être retournés à tout moment dans les postes de retour.
  • L'accès aux PC, aux Chromebooks et à l'impression est permis, là où ils sont disponibles.
  • Les heures d'ouverture restent les mêmes, sauf à Osgoode.
  • Le port du masque reste obligatoire à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur dans la file d'attente.

Consultez la page Services offerts actuellement en succursale pour les détails.


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Review - Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

Book Cover: Silver in the Blood

Take a stroll though 1890s Romania with me... 

There we'll meet Dacia and Lou, two cousins going to visit Romania and their extended family for the first time. Travelling separately, strange happenings begin to occur as each girl makes her way and arrives in Romania. First, Dacia learns that her visit to Romania is closer to an exile from New York rather than a vacation. What was originally a quick trip soon turns into six month stay ordered by her family with no real return date in sight. Secondly, Lou is insulted by a strange man who keeps asking her if she is 'the claw' or 'the wing' and then he goes and calls her a houri. This strange man follows her all over her journey through Europe and into Romania. 

Once Dacia and Lou are reunited, they learn that their family has secrets to hide, a deep-rooted connection to the old ruling family - the Draculas, and a dark plan when it comes to current Romanian royals. They hear whisperings of "The Claw, The Wing, and The Smoke," but no one will tell them anything until one night when they’re taken to a dark forest and the family secret is revealed.

Once Dacia and Lou learn the secrets of their family's heritage, Dacia and Lou will stop at nothing to bring their family's reputation and beliefs “out of darkness and into the light.”

Have no fear; there are absolutely no vampires in Silver in the Blood! I know my description will lead you to believe that they'll pop up somewhere wanting to drink your blood, but they don't. The only vampy thing about this book is the presence of a Dracula family name and an awesome reference to Bram Stoker's Dracula (which, if you've read the book or know anything about it you'll quickly understand what “the claw, the wing, and the smoke” are).

This was a really fun read - I enjoyed Dacia's struggle to choose between her three leading men (yes, that's right - the scandalous number of three men in the 1800s) vying for her hand in marriage. The build up to the reveal of who or what Dacia and Lou's family are really kept the story engaging and was a great twist on the legend created by Bram Stoker. The story is told with a mixture of letters, diary entries, and traditionally narrated chapters which gives just the right amount of action and character building.

If you’re looking for a fun read during your break from school, I would recommend checking out Silver in the Blood.