État d'urgence provincial : Impact sur les services de la BPO


Les services de la BPO ne sont pas affectés par l’annonce provinciale du mardi 12 janvier. Le service de retour et de collecte d’articles réservés en bordure de rue continuera aux succursales ouvertes.

Les heures d'ouverture demeureront les mêmes pour la plupart des succursales. Les succursales de Greely, North Gower et Richmond modifieront leurs horaires pour fermer à 20h, et tous les arrêts de Bibliobus fermeront à 20h.

Pour les détails sur les services actuels, veuillez consulter cette page.

DEMANDES :  Si vous ne pouvez pas récupérer vos demandes disponibles avant la date limite, vous pouvez les annuler depuis votre compte en ligne ou en communiquant avec Infoservice.

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Paranormal Romance Recommendations: Miscellaneous Magicians


He’s a cursed practiser of the dark arts with a taste for chocolate and a cat named Muffin... She’s a magical enforcer with control over lightning, who is tasked with bringing him down... They fight crime! (and fall madly in love half way through a magical duel.)

Magic users in modern times is the bread and butter of Urban Fantasy, but they also feature heavily in Paranormal Romance titles.

A lot of these books differ from the usual PNR fare by featuring the same characters throughout the series, instead of a new couple each book. This allows the characters to grow and makes these books hedge into the Urban Fantasy and Fantasy genres. They fall into PNR for me because they feature hot romantic interests and episodic stories (within an overarching plot line)

  • Edge Chronicles, by Ilona Andrews: The Edge is the barrier between our world, and the magical world beyond ours. Some people can live in both, but that freedom comes at a price. This series starts small, and grows in intrigue and scope as the books unfold. Ilona Andrews always manages to write amazing, convincing characters.
  • Arcadia Bell Series, by Jenn Bennett: Cady runs a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons, the descendants of demons and humans. She herself appears to be a wholly human magician, able to easily bind demons in circles, forcing them to obey her (or at least pay their tab at the bar). When things start to get weird, she contacts an Earthbound demon called Lon, who has a private library that may contain the answer to all her questions. This series has a great mythology that evolves over the course of the books.
  • Elemental Assassin, by Jennifer Estep:  Some people are born with a little magic – some with a lot. Gin Blanco has two different types of elemental magic: ice and stone.  She’s quite lucky to have them, because being an assassin with a conscience is hard enough when she’s just dealing with regular low-lives; when she has to go up against other powerful magic users, she’ll need to rely on her friends and family too. A great series with some pretty dark themes.11

If you love your fantasy with a lot of action and steamy romance, these series will fit the bill perfectly!

Next time:  Military/Action PNRs

Edge Chronicles, by Ilona Andrewspar kim_biblio

Arcadia Bell Series by Jenn Bennettpar kim_biblio

Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Esteppar kim_biblio