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Cross-Country Skiing World Cup race comes to the National Capital!


view from a ski trail lookout in Gatineau ParkHave you been practicing your gliding using our Ski Pass partnerships with the Mooney’s Bay Ski Facility and Gatineau Park? Would you like some inspiration to keep up the effort? On Tuesday March 1st, you can see top skiers from around the world compete in the Ski Tour Canada 2016, a part of the FIS World Cup.

Gatineau is hosting the Sprint (free technique) event in Jacques Cartier Park. The course is 1.77 km skied in two loops. This event has a qualification round, in which skiers start every 15 seconds, followed by heats of six skiers competing head to head. It is free to attend, and you can be sure that our Canadian athletes will be putting their best effort in at this important race on home ground.

If you are the type of person who likes to pick up a book before taking on a new activity, check out one of the instructional titles in the booklist below. I highly recommend a cross-country ski real adventure story: ‘Alone in Antarctica’ by Felicity Aston. If you’d like to learn more about the history of cross-country in the region, check out ‘Canadian Ski Marathon: Its History In Stories And Pictures’. I’ve also included links to the ski passes in the library’s express collection.

This video shows the Ski Tour Canada 2016 series of events: http://vimeo.com/144379990
Ski Tour Canada has a Facebook Event Page for the Gatineau event.
Additional information in English and French is available on their website: http://skitourcanada.com/

Cross-Country| Ski |de fondpar Alison_OPL

Have you checked out a ski pass? Perhaps you prefer reading about winter adventures? Either way.. get excited about cross-country skiing!