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CBC's All in a Day Book Panel

CBC All in a Day - Book Panel Reviews by OPL


This past Monday, OPL's Ann Archer met with Sean Wilson of the Ottawa International Writers Festival to talk books with guest host Alistair Steele on CBC's All in a Day. Ann's picks are the first two below, and Sean's follow. Enjoy! 

If you missed them on the radio you can still listen to the podcast online at the following link: CBC All in a Day Book Panel  

On Friday, there will be a free Canada Reads public event hosted by All in a Day host Alan Neal with author Saleema Nawaz, live music, and more! For more information, and to reserve your tickets, please click on the following link.

Image: The Point of Vanishing

The Point of Vanishing

A Memoir of Two Years in Solitude
By Axelrod, Howard
Image: The End of Protest

The End of Protest

A New Playbook for Revolution
By White, Micah