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CBC's All in a Day Book Panel

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Mardi 7 juillet 2020

On Monday, July 6th, CBC's All in a Day Book Panel, featuring OPL's Ann Archer and Sean Wilson of the Ottawa International Writers Festival, met with Alan Neal to discuss their recommendations for the month. You can find the recommended books at OPL on the list below, and listen to their discussion at the following link

CBC All in a Day Book Panel - July 2020
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Book recommendations from OPL's Ann Archer and Sean Wilson of the Ottawa International Writers Festival, presented monthly on CBC's All in a Day with Alan Neal.


Your Book Panel Has Really Gone Left Wing Loonie

I noticed a left wing bent in the book panel before but now it seems they have gone left wing loonie. Three novels were discussed. One of them was about a fracking accident destroying a village in the Rideau Lakes. Another was about Civil War in the United States two years from now when the white supremacists have taken over, which the book panel seemed to think was a (chuckle, chuckle) natural progression from Trump’s first term. Give me a break! The only work of non-fiction discussed, “Humankind”, was glowingly reviewed by Sean Wilson. Anyone whose seen Bregman interviewed will know he is far-left fruitcake. He supports AOC and UBI, and dreams of an egalitarian communist future. As a historian he believes the worst thing that ever happened to humanity was the invention of agriculture. He warmly embraces comparisons between his own ideas of pre-agricultural societies and Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s idea of the noble savage. What struck me was that although his ideas are well-known, Ann Archer didn’t offer any pushback against Wilson’s enthusiasm for this Dutch lunatic. Maybe it is time to change at least one of the people on this Book Panel. If it is going to go all political on us, then having both reviewers on the loonie left is a real problem. If you are only going to drop one of them, to be replaced by someone on the right, Wilson is the one who should go.