Fermeture temporaire : Alta Vista


En raison des améliorations à l'entrée principale, la succursale Alta Vista sera fermée du 26 juillet au 8 août. Les postes de retour ne seront pas disponibles ni les demandes. La succursale Alta Vista rouvrira le 9 août à 10 h. 

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Pollinator-friendly Gardens

How do you attract and support pollinator species to your garden?   

Pollinators come in many shapes and sizes, and play an essential role in our food systems and ecosystems. Sadly, they face many threats, among them a lack of habitat and food sources due to land development and inhospitable garden environments. Pollinator-friendly gardeners have an important role to play in supporting these invaluable and often beautiful creatures.  Join Kira Burger  to learn about native and non-native pollinators, as well as garden design, plant selection, and garden maintenance practices to attract and support them.

Kira Burger is passionate about ecologically sensitive, productive landscapes. She designs and stewards resilient, low-input landscapes with a focus on native, edible and pollinator friendly species. Kira holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture as well as training in horticulture, permaculture, and biology.