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Telling True Stories --a Two-part Workshop with Moira Farr

Do you want to make your writing more effective?  Fictional technique is important for bringing your memoir or story to life for readers.  Join Moira Farr, author and instructor from Carleton U., for this two-part online workshop.  Each part is one-hour long, on two Saturday mornings in October. 
 In the first week's session, Moira will lead a discussion and will share a writing exercise.  Participants will then shape a short piece of non-fiction writing and will have the opportunity to submit it (a maximum of 400 words and following the format discussed) directly to Moira by email for feedback.  
In the second week's session, Moira will give feedback and commentary based on what people have submitted to her during the week and on what they have interest in. She will answer questions. Anyone who writes or wants to write memoir or non-fiction will benefit from this opportunity to flex your storytelling muscles.