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Planning for Emergency Reduced Income – Covid-19

Have you and/or your family been impacted financially by Covid-19? Are you worried that your income may be impacted in the near future? Worrying about our health along with our finances can be scary, stressful and can create a lot of stress on us and our families. Join us for a practical webinar on how to plan for reduced income, deal with your bills as well as your creditors. You are not alone.

Join Gary Rusyn, Financial Educator with the Credit Counselling Society for this webinar offering assistance to anyone affected by reduced income due to the current crisis. Gary will guide participants to a better understanding of how to take the necessary actions to try and increase income and curb spending.

Planning for Emergency Income includes:

Addressing income changes Reassessing our budget for expenses related to “needs” vs “wants” Assessing when we tend to spend impulsively Curbing unnecessary spending Accessing resources and opportunities to utilize or build savings

This talk is offered by the Ottawa Public Library during Financial Literacy Month.

Gary is Gary is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance. He is the Credit Counselling Society’s Financial Educator for Ottawa. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry.