Retour aux heures normales le 7 septembre 2021


La Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa retournera à ses heures d'ouverture, d’avant la pandémie, dans la majorité des succursales et ce, à partir du mardi 7 septembre 2021 y inclus les heures d’ouverture le dimanche à dix succursales et à InfoService dès le dimanche 12 septembre. 

Les horaires sont affichés à l’entrée des succursales et sur horaires et emplacements dans le site web de la BPO. 

Les succursales Fitzroy Harbour et Vernon ouvrent la semaine du 7 septembre 2021, pour la première fois depuis le début de la pandémie en mars 2020. 

Avis: succursale Carlingwood


L’ascenseur à la succursale Carlingwood est présentement indisponible.

Succursale Rideau- Ascenseur hors service


L'ascenseur de la succursale Rideau est actuellement hors service pour des raisons d'entretien et de réparations. Le service reprendra le lundi 27 septembre. 

Fermeture de congé: Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation


Toutes les succursales de la Bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa seront fermées le jeudi, 30 Septembre. Vous pouvez accéder à nos ressources en ligne 24/7 sur le site de la Bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa.

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Quick Tips: How to use Grant Connect to find funding prospects

Quick Tips: How to use Grant Connect to find funding prospects

Grant Connect is a fundraising research tool designed to help you find new funding prospects

and win more grants for your organization. You will have the most success using Grant Connect

if you are staff, a board member, or a volunteer seeking funding for a Canadian registered

charity. Try out the tips below to target the right funders for your cause.

Step 1: Run a search for funders based on your cause

Select a cause from our dropdown menu or type in a keyword related to your charitys

work. Be general and broad with your initial searches.

Add filters to target the right funders for your cause. You can add a search filter for your

region, the population you serve, or the type of support your charity needs.

Sort your results by the funders next deadline, the funders median gift size, or by how

closely they match to your search.

Step 2: Identify prospective funders

Consider the following questions to help you determine if a funder is the right funding prospect

for your charity:

Do they have a funding program? Do the program guidelines align with your need?

Are they open to a request for funding? And if so, when?

Do their past gifts align with your charitys fundraising goals?

Where are they located? Where do they give the majority of their grants?

Step 3: Create a strong application using reliable data

Determine if you are connected to key decision-makers that can help you in the About

section of a funder profile.

Check out the funders evaluation criteria. Make sure you include their stated

preferences in your application.

Carefully analyze the funders giving history. Based on this, determine how much you

should ask for.


Step 4: Consult additional resources

Check out  Grant Connect Delta Training Webinar for tips on using Grant Connect to

find funders.

Watch short, guided training videos for more tips and tricks:

Part 1 - Grant Connect Delta coaching: Navigating funder profiles

Part 2 - Grant Connect Delta coaching: Finding funders

Visit Grant Connect Help Centre for additional support, questions and coaching.

Happy fundraising!