État d'urgence provincial : Impact sur les services de la BPO


Les services de la BPO ne sont pas affectés par l’annonce provinciale du mardi 12 janvier. Le service de retour et de collecte d’articles réservés en bordure de rue continuera aux succursales ouvertes.

Les heures d'ouverture demeureront les mêmes pour la plupart des succursales. Les succursales de Greely, North Gower et Richmond modifieront leurs horaires pour fermer à 20h, et tous les arrêts de Bibliobus fermeront à 20h.

Pour les détails sur les services actuels, veuillez consulter cette page.

DEMANDES :  Si vous ne pouvez pas récupérer vos demandes disponibles avant la date limite, vous pouvez les annuler depuis votre compte en ligne ou en communiquant avec Infoservice.

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Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season - Week 12

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Week 12, November 2 - 8, 2020

Live Author Visits:

Don’t miss this conversation on writing craft with Kagiso Lesego Molope that focuses on writing an authentic voice. Francesca Ekwuyasi, whose debut novel, BUTTER HONEY PIG BREAD, was long listed for the 2020 Giller Prize, hosts the conversation with Ottawa’s own Kagiso Lesego Molope. Her novel, This Book Betrays My Brother won the Ottawa Book Award, and was included as a Kirkus Reviews' Best Books, Globe 100, CBC Books, Top YA Pick and Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best Books and her follow up Such a Lonely, Lovely Road won the Pius Adesanmi Memorial Award for Excellence in African Writing.



Playwright, novelist, and screenwriter Emma Donoghue hosts a conversation with editor and author Lennie Goodings about her book, A Bite of the Apple: A Life with Books, Writers and Virago. Part memoir, part literary history, and part reflection on more than forty years of feminist publishing, A Bite of the Apple is a story of idealism and pragmatism, solidarity and individual ambition, of challenges met and the battles not yet won—and, above all, a steadfast celebration of the making and reading of books.


Pre-recorded Event(s):

Acclaimed poet David O’Meara hosts a conversation with Griffen Poetry Prize winner A.F. Moritz. As Far As You Know, A. F. Moritz’s twentieth collection of poems, begins with two sections entitled “Terrorism” and “Poetry.” The book unfolds in six movements, yet it revolves around and agonizes over the struggle between these two catalyzing concepts, in all the forms they might take, eventually arguing they are the unavoidable conditions and quandary of human life.


Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season - Week 12par OttawaNewcomerServices

Titles featured during Week 12 of the Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season, November 2 - 8, 2020. Please see https://writersfestival.org/events for more details.