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Les heures d'ouverture demeureront les mêmes pour la plupart des succursales. Les succursales de Greely, North Gower et Richmond modifieront leurs horaires pour fermer à 20h, et tous les arrêts de Bibliobus fermeront à 20h.

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Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season - Week 14

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Week 14, November 16 - 22, 2020

Live Author Visits:

Kenneth Oppel sits down with Ottawa teacher Curtis Perry for a conversation on connecting plot and character using his critically acclaimed new Bloom Trilogy for inspiration. 

His first novel since the National Book award-winning The Good Lord Bird, James McBride applies his commanding prose and his infallible faith in humanity to his newest novel Deacon King Kong.


This episode of the podcast takes a hard look at racial belonging in contemporary Canada. For too long the conversation on race in Canada has been framed by issues south of the border. Here, we examine our own culture and some of the ongoing barriers to equity and inclusion.

This episode of the podcast celebrates two of Canada’s most acclaimed writers for young readers. Governor General’s Award winner Kenneth Oppel takes questions from Ottawa students about his latest, Hatch, book two of the Bloom Trilogy. Governor General's Award winner Deborah Ellis discusses her new novel, The Greats , with Alan Cumyn, winner of winner of the Mr. Christie’s Book Award for children’s literature.


Pre-recorded Event(s):

Don’t miss this conversation between Neil Wilson and Iceland’s Andri Snaer Magnason on climate, social change and the power of the imagination.

Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season - Week 14par OttawaNewcomerServices

Titles featured during Week 14 of the Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season, November 16 - 22, 2020. Please see https://writersfestival.org/events for more details.