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Fifteen Lanes by S.J. Laidlaw


As the daughter of the CEO of one of India's largest banks, Grace lives a life of privileges and unparalleled luxuries. Her perfect life is turned upside down when she begins to be mercilessly bullied after a topless picture of her is circulated around her private school. Meanwhile, on the other side of town lives the pre-teen daughter of a sex worker. Noor, born into a brothel, is struggling to escape the grim future the sex trade business has for her. When their paths cross, the girls' lives change forever. Will two girls from vastly different worlds find a common path? 

Fifteen Lanes by S. J. Laidlaw is a realistic fiction set in India and deals with pressing issues which we face in the 21st century. The novel is authentic and does not shy away from controversial topics such as rape, prostitution, suicide and violence.  As we follow the two girls in their journeys, each part is eye-opening, breathtaking and heartbreaking. We feel pathos for the characters as we watch the struggle to stay in control of themselves and their lives. Their tales are beautiful, heart wrenching and beautifully crafted. 

I give this book 3.9 stars out of 5 stars and would recommend this novel to readers seeking something a little darker and realistic. The main characters are strong and sincere; the plot is captivating and the storyline hauntingly riveting. However, I will say that this is not something for everyone due to some of the topics discussed within the book. 

This novel is recommended to readers ages 13 and up. 

Cat - Nepean Centrepointe TAG member