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À compter du lundi 22 février :

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Canadian Black History Month ~ The Assembly

Black History Month - The Assembly


The Assembly ~ A gathering of community through the art of stories  

***On Tuesday, Feb 2nd, this English program was broadcast live on Zoom (duration: 25 mins), which you can now watch on Facebook until the end of February. ***

Welcome to a weaving of music and storytelling for Canadian Black History Month! 

Join us live for this unique online event, in this next installment in our Assembly series, for grades 1 to 4, as we celebrate Canadian Black History Month. 

We will start our journey with the importance of oral storytelling traditions as recounted by Ms. Biba Tinga, who will call us to join in and be gathered together, led by the Spaicy’s drumming, as she calls forth our Zoom village to hear her musical tale.   

This is in the ways of oral storytelling.   

Then we will leap into the visual with the reading of Shauntay Grant’s book “Africville”, which will be interwoven with Spaicy’s music and song.  Finally, a young teen, Sériane-Antonia has created a video of an original poem she wrote for this event, which will be followed by her musical interpretation in her solo violin piece.   

This is Canadian Black History in the making! 

Our special guests include:

Biba Tinga

Biba Tinga is the President of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Canada, SCDAC.  Born in Niger, West Africa she immigrated to Canada where she brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong dedication to improving conditions for people living with sickle cell disease and their families. She also serves on the Board of Directors of GASCDO, the Global Alliance for Sickle Cell Disease Organizations. 

Spaicy Bazile 

 “I'm a musical healer.

My music is my mission, to bridge the gap between cultures.”   - Spaicy Bazile 

 Haitian Canadian, SPAICY was born in Montréal, in a multi-cultural neighborhood. Her upbringing exposed her to several worlds simultaneously.   She is an award-winning published author "Vegan Creole Secrets", blogger, singer, song writer, teacher and artist. 

Spaicy is food, meditation, and an expression of music that is soothing for the soul! 

Sériane-Antonia Boissy

Sériane-Antonia Boissy is a 13-year-old girl who lives in Laval, Quebec. She is playful, mischievous, helpful and curious. At a very young age, Sériane-Antonia developed an aptitude for music and since then has been playing the violin.  

In addition to her music, she likes to read and experiment with the written word evident in her short stories. Sériane-Antonia perhaps has the privilege of inheriting some facets of the immense talent of her great-great-uncle Léopold Sédar Senghor: first President of Senegal, illustrious poet and first African to be inducted in the French Academy. 


You can borrow the book Africville

The recorded event will also be posted on OPL’s Facebook page until the end of February. 



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