MISE À JOUR : Services de la BPO à compter du 8 avril


À compter du jeudi 8 avril 

  • Les succursales ouvertes offriront les services de retours et de la collecte des articles réservés en bordure de rue.
  • Les clients ne seront plus autorisés à l’intérieur.
  • Les services à domicile et du Bibliobus seront maintenus pendant cette période. 
  • Les heures d’ouverture demeurent les mêmes.
  • Le port du masque dans les files d’attente à l’extérieur reste obligatoire

Consultez le blogue de la BPO pour les détails.

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Cooking Class with Chef Simon Bell: African Peanut Stew


Join Simon Bell, Chef at the Parkdale Food Centre, to learn how to make African Peanut Stew.  This West African-inspired peanut soup recipe is a comforting, simple and warming vegan soup. Made with simple ingredients this recipe comes together quite quickly and can be eaten as a snack or meal for lunch or dinner. As the Chef at the Parkdale Food Centre Simon is often tasked with making more out of less and this dish always delivers as an affordable and easy to make option.   

Simon is a long-standing veteran of the Ottawa food scene. Having worked in Kitchens since the mid-nineties, from Montreal to Paris, he prides himself on having a deep understanding of the diversity of food and its impact. In Ottawa he was part of the team that brought Oz Kafe to the forefront of the Chefs community and now finds himself at the helm of the Parkdale Food Centre Kitchen where he takes pride in his ability to learn from others and impart his own knowledge and understanding of food.

Simon uses his voice and privilege as a Chef to help bring opportunities to those who enter the Parkdale Kitchen, to learn, grow and teach others their own personal food stories.