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Caroline Pignat's Shooter - This is not a drill


**Disclaimer: In light of the recent events in Orlando, the following subject matter could be upsetting to some readers.**

Meet Alice: a unique and introverted writer trapped in her responsibility of caring for her brother, Noah: Alice’s autistic older brother, Isabelle: the high-achieving student council president and the school’s IT girl, Hogan: ex-football player, a bad boy with a troubling past and basically non-existent future, and Xander: that socially dysfunctional kid hiding behind the lens of his camera. Coming from coming from completely contrasting spectrums, they have no reason for interaction until the lockdown. Caught off guard, their lives collide in the only unlocked room - the boys’ washroom, and changes forever when Isabelle receives the text: NOT A DRILL!! Their lives are on the line. A shooter is roaming the halls and one of them knows more about the shooter than they realize… 

Shooter by Caroline Pignat is a contemporary novel following the events of a school shooting through the eyes of five students, using prose, verse, cellular texts and images. The unique tale feels organic, natural and less cinematic. The characters are recognizable, dynamic and alive. The author fantastically weaves the connection between the characters, their situation and the plot. Although the novel orbits around the topic of school shooting it touches a plethora of other ones such as courage, loss and high school social hierarchy. While the tale has its faults by having a too convenient plotting and a limited view of the villain’s thoughts, it was a riveting, sensitive and hauntingly gripping read.

I give this book 3.95 stars out of 5 and would recommend this to readers looking for a solemn and heavier read dealing with pressuring issues which our society faces. Overall, but the book kept me on the edge of my seat until the end and did a fantastic job with keeping the suspense as the information was revealed layer by layer. 

This novel is recommended for readers ages 12 and up.

- by Cat, Nepean Centrepointe TAG Member

Image: Shooter


By Pignat, Caroline
Image: Shooter


By Pignat, Caroline