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Leggings Revolt by Monique Polak - Book Review


"She isn't an object. And that's what you guys are doing. You're treating them like objects. Girls weren't made for us to ogle. They're people. And in case you haven't noticed, Daisy is a really interesting person" (Polak: 94).

I LOVE THIS BOOK! For starters, it's a quick read! This is a short and sweet novel which has a great equalitarian message within the storyline plot. A big positive point to this book is that it is written with a male narrative (Eric), while illustrating male feminists and ideologies. More and more men hold feminist views and openly identify themselves as feminist, using their influence to promote the rights of women respectively. World media and celebrities celebrate Justin Trudeau’s retort when asked why having a cabinet with an equal number of men and women was important to him...“Because it’s 2015!” This is such a liberating and positive message to youth (and adults)! The prime message in this book is = Women are not objects for male gratification, but are equal partners in society! Dress codes are a big aspect in high school culture, and how one can express themselves creatively, regardless of gender. Leggins Revolt by Monique Polak is one of my top picks for teen summer reads. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

Hot topic = Hot book! This is a wonderful novel for both male and female teens; especially for those trying to gain confidence in order to raise their voice for the greater good.

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