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La succursale St-Laurent est fermée à cause d’une panne d’électricité.  Nous nous excusons pour tout inconvénient que cela peut vous causer.

Étape 1 : Services sans contact à l'intérieur des succursales


Il y a des services sans contact à l'intérieur de la plupart des 31 succursales ouvertes, avec des limites de capacité, depuis le 14 juin 2021, à l'exception de Metcalfe Village, d'Orléans et de Rosemount. Cela signifie que :

  • Les articles demandés peuvent être récupérés sur les étagères et empruntés aux postes de prêt libre-service.
  • Les emprunts peuvent être retournés à tout moment dans les postes de retour.
  • L'accès aux PC, aux Chromebooks et à l'impression est permis, là où ils sont disponibles.
  • Les heures d'ouverture restent les mêmes, sauf à Osgoode.
  • Le port du masque reste obligatoire à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur dans la file d'attente.

Consultez la page Services offerts actuellement en succursale pour les détails.


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Container Gardening - Dramatic, Changeable and Forever Moveable

Seeds, vegetables, and plant pots

If you live in a place where you don’t have any regular garden beds, such as an apartment or condo, containers are the way to go to still enjoy the benefits of gardening while saving you time and energy and requiring little space.  Containers of plants are like miniature gardens that can be placed anywhere to add instant charm, a focal point or supply vegetables and herbs.  Master Gardeners Catherine Disley and Rob Stuart will cover the basics of container gardening - the type of soil best for the types of plants you want to grow, when and how often to water, and the importance of mulching, deadheading and winter storage. Discover what is required to get optimum growth and what plant combinations do well in sun, shade or some of each.

We’ll also explain how to craft a DIY hewn stone-look planter where you can grow many alpine type plants all in a small container! 

About the speakers:

Catherine Disley has worked in a variety of horticultural industries such as garden centres, florists, and interior tropical plant maintenance.  Drawing on her floral design background, she creates container arrangements combining interesting plants, flowers and foliage.  She grows vegetables and small fruits, as well as perennial and annual flowers to support beneficial insects, pollinators and wildlife.  Catherine has been a member of Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton for 12 years and enjoys providing gardening advice and promoting the use of native plants and sustainable gardening practices.  

Rob Stuart started a vegetable plot at 10 and he has been an avid gardener ever since. He has grown vegetable and flowers wherever he has lived. Since 2003, he has focused on alpine gardening and is an active member of rock garden societies where he takes full advantage of seed exchanges. He currently volunteers with the Friends of the Farm, weeding weekly in the Rock Garden.  He grows most of his plants from seed.  He is also adept at other methods of propagation: cuttings; soft, hard and root; layering; division and the use of leaf cuttings.   He obtained his Master Gardener accreditation from the University of Guelph in 2016 and enjoys sharing his knowledge.