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À compter du jeudi 8 avril 

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  • Les heures d’ouverture demeurent les mêmes.
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How to make your own food wrap


The perfect activity for Earth Day! Join us to learn how to make your own beeswax food wrap with Eveline, the owner of Emballage Bee Sustainable. This local company has been producing eco-friendly alternative to plastics food wrap and container for more than five years. This discovery will allow you to make a daily eco-friendly gesture for the Earth. Eveline will explain how and why use beeswax food wrap to preserve food, how to care and then make them using two different methods.

Required material: beeswax and pieces of fabric (100% cotton)*.

Some suggestions on where to find your beeswax:

Natural Food Pantry Billings Bridge, 2277 Riverside drive

Maker House Co, 987 Wellington S W

At home, an iron will be required for method 1 and a stove & cookie sheet for method 2. You will need a cheese grater or a knife to cut the beeswax, an apron or old clothes and waxed paper to protect your iron or cookie sheet from the wax.

Target audience: Everyone.  Participants under the age of 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Eveline Lemieux is a teacher, a speaker and consultant in environmental sciences. She discovered the beeswax food wraps while she was teaching at the University of Ottawa and looking for solutions to the plastic packaging in our own kitchen. After some trials at making them she became passionate and Emballage Bee Sustainable was launched. For Eveline, every little gesture counts for the environment.