Étape 1 : Services sans contact à l'intérieur des succursales


Il y a des services sans contact à l'intérieur de la plupart des 31 succursales ouvertes, avec de strictes limites de capacité, depuis le 14 juin 2021, à l'exception de Metcalfe Village, d'Orléans et de Rosemount. Cela signifie que :

  • Les articles demandés peuvent être récupérés, puis empruntés aux postes de prêt libre-service.
  • Les emprunts peuvent être retournés à tout moment dans les postes de retour.
  • L'accès aux PC, aux Chromebooks et à l'impression est permis, là où ils sont disponibles.
  • Il n'y a pas d'autres services : pas d'accès aux rayons, ni aux salles de bains.
  • Le port du masque reste obligatoire à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur dans la file d'attente.

Consultez la page Services offerts actuellement en succursale pour les détails.


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3-Part Professional Creatives Series with Liz Clarke

Liz Clarke

This workshop series will take multi-disciplined artists through very important stages of their creative arts journey towards becoming a professional creative. Actively working to build an independent/freelancing creative career requires some understanding of business concepts or strategies that can help propel your arts practice to the next level. If your goal is to make income from your creations, these workshops will help you think about your unique style and how to communicate your story, your branding strategies, your target audience and how best to network and build relationships to your advantage. You will explore the personal pace needed to make consistent progress in achieving your set goals on your professional creative journey. 

Week 1: June 3: How to Prepare for a Long-term Creative Career - Necessary skills and mindsets to acquire for the journey

Week 2: June 10 Establishing Your Brand and Communicating Your Story - Creating a strong bio/vision statement

Week 3: June 17 Catering to your Audience and Maximizing your Reach - Connecting with the creative community and using social media tools to your advantage 

Please register for each date separately to get your tickets/access for each week.

Liz Clarke a.k.a HTBSLE (pronounced hitta-baseelay) is a Scarborough born multi-disciplined creative. Her humble origins in the arts stem from writing stories in her childhood, sparking a passion that later developed into pursuing spoken word poetry. She is an award-winning community builder and an accredited community educator who defines herself as a social artist, focused on using her creative content to influence long-term social impact. Liz is taking charge to set an example and lead the next generation of young creatives to live in the full potential and authenticity of their creative purpose.