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Lookouts - the next must-read comic

from inside the comic, a person huddled up in a tree root

If you love Lumberjanes, Dungeons and Dragons, and or awesome comic books, oh man do I have the next read for you.

Lookouts, written by Ben McCool, is based on the popular web comic of the same name. It follows a group of young boys who have joined the lookouts. Think robin-hood styled boy scouts meets dangerous, magical adventures. Along with their leader, Samson, they must journey through the magic-filled Eyrewood forest completing tasks to earn badges. The first arc of the series follows the group as they try to earn the riddle badge by outsmarting a sphinx that is killing anyone who doesn’t answer its riddle properly.

cover of Lookouts with the lookouts sitting ina tree

With clever writing and outstanding art, I instantly became obsessed with this series. My only qualm? That there isn’t more of it for me to read immediately.

Don’t miss out on this one – reserve a copy today! And, don’t forget to comment and tell me what you thought about it!


Have you read Nimona by Stephenson yet? It's another fab graphic novel.

Thank you for the hint, I've put myself on the list for this one!