Retour aux heures normales le 7 septembre


La Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa a repris ses heures d'ouverture d’avant la pandémie dans la majorité des succursales depuis le 7 septembre 2021, y inclus les heures d’ouverture le dimanche à dix succursales et à InfoService. Les horaires sont affichés à l’entrée des succursales et sur horaires et emplacements dans le site web de la BPO. 


Succursale Carp


La succursale Carp sera fermée le mardi 26 octobre 2021 pour usage opérationnel de la Ville d’Ottawa. Le service régulier reprendra le mercredi 27 octobre à 10 h. 

Overdrive : Problèmes avec les anciens appareils et navigateurs Apple


Des récentes modifications apportées par Overdrive et Libby ont eu un impact sur leur compatibilité avec les anciennes versions des systèmes d'exploitation mobiles et bureautiques. Les personnes qui utilisent des appareils Apple plus anciens (ordinateurs Mac qui exécutent macOS 10.12.1 et iPhones/iPads qui exécutent iOS 9) peuvent avoir des difficultés avec les applications mobiles et bureautiques d'OverDrive, tandis que Libby ne permet plus les iPhones et iPads qui exécutent iOS 9 (ces liens ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais).

Succursale Carlingwood


L'ascenseur de la succursale Carlingwood est actuellement hors service.

Succursale Alta Vista : Réouverture  le 22 octobre


 La succursale Alta Vista retournera à son service régulier le vendredi 22 octobre 2021.


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Susanna Clarke Wins the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2021


Susanna Clarke’s new novel Piranesi has won the 2021 Women’s Prize for Fiction. 

Publisher’s Weekly calls this novel “one of the year’s most inventive novels.”  The story starts with journal entries from the narrator, Piranesi, who lives in the house with the master (aka the Other) and 13 skeletons.  The Other is on the hunt for the ‘great and secret knowledge’ from the ancients within the house and recruits Piranesi to help with this endeavor. However, the Other has secret motives, and as the two explore and hunt for this knowledge, Piranesi learns more about himself, his worldview, and his love for the building. 

The chair of the judges Bernadine Evaristo describes Piranesi as profound and impactful: 

“We wanted to find a book that we’d press into readers’ hands, which would have a lasting impact. With her first novel in seventeen years, Susanna Clarke has given us a truly original, unexpected flight of fancy which melds genres and challenges preconceptions about what books should be. She has created a world beyond our wildest imagination that also tells us something profound about what it is to be human.” 

Piranesi is available in multiple formats at the OPL. 

For more information on the Women’s Prize Shortlist, please visit our blog Women's Prize for Fiction Shortlist Announced | Ottawa Public Library ( 

The Women’s Prize Trust, through the Women’s Prize for Fiction, promotes women’s writers on a global scale, and works to “.. empower all women to raise their voice and own their story, shining a spotlight on outstanding and ambitious fiction by women from anywhere in the world, regardless of their age, race, nationality or background.”  

They further promote access to women’s stories via online resources, and their podcast.  It was established in 1996, after the 1991 Booker shortlist was announced, which contained no books written by women (Flood, 2021). 

Piranesi By Susanna Clarkepar charmaine_library

2021 Winner of the Women's Prize for Fiction

2021 Women's Prize for Fiction Winner Announcement