Étape 1 : Services sans contact à l'intérieur des succursales


Il y a des services sans contact à l'intérieur de la plupart des 31 succursales ouvertes, avec des limites de capacité, depuis le 14 juin 2021, à l'exception de Metcalfe Village, d'Orléans et de Rosemount. Cela signifie que :

  • Les articles demandés peuvent être récupérés sur les étagères et empruntés aux postes de prêt libre-service.
  • Les emprunts peuvent être retournés à tout moment dans les postes de retour.
  • L'accès aux PC, aux Chromebooks et à l'impression est permis, là où ils sont disponibles.
  • Les heures d'ouverture restent les mêmes, sauf à Osgoode.
  • Le port du masque reste obligatoire à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur dans la file d'attente.

Consultez la page Services offerts actuellement en succursale pour les détails.


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The Dark Days Pact

Book cover: The Dark Days Pact

June 1812. In the blink of an eye, Lady Helen Wrexhall’s life is forever changed. Mere weeks following her disastrous coming-out ball, she is disowned by her uncle and sworn in as a full member of Dark Days Club. Demon hunting is her new reality. And by her side every step along the way is Lord Carlston – her mentor. He has arranged for Helen to spend summer in Brighton to train her new Reclaimer powers. However, as the long-term effects of Carlston’s Reclaimer slowly overtake him, his mental stability is questionable. Unfortunately, while struggling for his sanity, he must also fend off his nemesis – a Dark Days rival – who will stop at nothing to have Helen for himself and the Duke of Selburn determined to wed his protégé. The stakes have reached a peak as Helen fights to become the warrior that is expected of her. Tick tock tick tock … time is running out.

The Dark Days Pact is the second novel in the Lady Helen series by Alison Goodman, preceded by The Dark Days Club. It is a combination of the historical and fantastical genres set in the early 19th century. The world is very well built. The plot is masterfully crafted and mostly unpredictable. The characters are true to their era, unique and intriguing – shout out to Goodman for having such a strong female protagonist. Furthermore, the action is intense and intelligent, and despite that the tone used is rather formal, it is very understandable.  But most importantly, the novel hooks you right from the beginning, keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wondering as it ends on a cliff-hanger.

I give The Dark Days Pact a 3.8 stars out of 5 and would recommend this to readers looking for some intense demon-hunting in the past. Even if the fact that this novel is set in the 19th century is a huge turn-off for you (as it was for me), I strongly suggest you to still give this novel a shot because it’s one of those rare series where the character development, plot and writing gets better as it moves along. The first installment was great but the second once was fantastic – a rare phenomenon these days which makes this series worth the read.

I would recommend this novel to readers ages 12 and up.

Note: If you are interested in this novel, make sure to read the first installment before reading this one. It’s called The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman.


- Cat