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Take care of your family photos and memorabilia

Par romaine_h


Where do you keep your treasured family photos?  Carefully preserved and backed up digitally? Or jumbled in a box in the basement (guilty!), or glued into 1970s-era plastic albums? And what about those other family heirlooms, like certificates or diaries, that you’re going to get around to taking care of properly and maybe even digitizing. . . one of these days?

Now’s the time!  At Greenboro Branch on March 25, professional conservator Kyla Ubbink will show you how to care for and preserve your family memorabilia and photographs.  You’ll find out how to store, handle, and clean your items, and explore digitization options.  And you’ll get to practise with hands-on activities to learn skills so you can go home and start saving your family treasures now.

Kyla is a popular speaker who has given several 1-hour lectures at OPL in the past.  On March 2, she was interviewed by John D. Reid for the blog Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections about some of her upcoming workshops, including the March 25 one at Greenboro.  Listen to the interview here as Kyla explains why this workshop will be “so much more” than earlier OPL workshops.

Register online for Keeping the Past for the Present and the Future: Preservation Techniques for the Home Archive, or call 613-580-2940 for information.