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Together We Read Ontario - Still Hopeful

still hopeful text in blue writing framed by green leaves and red flowers

Mardi 18 octobre 2022

Join readers across Ontario from October 17-30 in reading Still Hopeful by Maude Barlow. Brought to us by the Ontario Library Service and hosted by Overdrive, Together We Read Ontario offers unlimited digital access to this thoughtful, inspiring reflection on Barlow’s decades of activism and advocacy.

Maude Barlow, a local Ottawa resident, is the author of 20 books and one of Canada’s most well-known activists. Her advocacy in Canada and around the world has focused on three main areas—feminism, anti-globalization and water justice. Despite the challenges and setbacks Barlow has faced and fighting for these causes, she maintains a sense of optimism. In Still Hopeful, Barlow shares her best advice for keeping hope alive, to inspire us to keep fighting for change.