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  • Service de retour et de collecte d'articles réservés à la BPO


    La BPO offre un nouveau service de retour et de collecte d’articles de bibliothèque aux six succursales suivantes: Centrale, Nepean Centrepointe, Cumberland, Beaverbrook, Greenboro, Ruth E. Dickson, avec un nouvel horaire de service.

    • Les RETOURS sont acceptés seulement pendant les heures d’ouverture, aucun rendez-vous n’est requis.
    • La COLLECTE D’ARTICLES se fait sur rendez-vous seulement. Pour apprendre plus au sujet des rendez-vous, cliquez ici.

    Les détails de ce nouveau service en bordure de rue se trouvent sur notre site web.

    • Les dates d'échéance pour tous les articles empruntés ont été prolongées et les frais de retard suspendus.
    • Tous les postes de retour demeurent fermés.

    Pour toute information sur les cartes de bibliothèque, les programmes virtuels, ou autre, communiquez avec InfoService par téléphone ou courriel.

Infotainment. . . in the 1800s? Early Canadiana Online brings you back!

Par romaine_h


Did you think “infotainment” started with The Daily Show?  Hardly . . . Canadians were enjoying similar news services 150 years ago, although obviously not via Internet streaming.  Satirical magazines like The Grumbler, Grinchuckle, and The Satirist delivered news tinged with more than a bit of sarcasm in the 1800s.   You can see just how little has changed over the years by perusing a few of the digital issues on the online resource Early Canadiana Online

 Early Canadiana Online brings the Canada of yesterday to your computer, with full-text digitized periodicals, government documents, and books from the 17th to the 20th century.    Genealogists will find family and local histories, voters’ lists, Parliamentary papers, and other official publications.  Students will find primary source material on any aspect of Canadian history.  And the curious will find all kinds of things!




This appears to be unavailable online through the OPL, but rather requires a private, paid subscription - is this the case? or can it be accessed only in the library?

Hi, thanks for your comment. Early Canadiana Online is available through the library, and can be accessed from home. You need to have a library card and to be logged in to the OPL website before accessing it, though. Log in when you first open the library website - click on the Log In/ My OPL link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Once you have logged in, click on Online Resources and then choose Early Canadiana Online. You should see the ECO search page. In the black bar at the top of the page you should see "Welcome, Ottawa Public Library". You can now start your search. Do not click the "Log in" link on this page.
Please let us know if this doesn't work or if you have any other problems with this online resource.