Infotainment. . . in the 1800s? Early Canadiana Online brings you back!


Did you think “infotainment” started with The Daily Show?  Hardly . . . Canadians were enjoying similar news services 150 years ago, although obviously not via Internet streaming.  Satirical magazines like The Grumbler, Grinchuckle, and The Satirist delivered news tinged with more than a bit of sarcasm in the 1800s.   You can see just how little has changed over the years by perusing a few of the digital issues on the online resource Early Canadiana Online

 Early Canadiana Online brings the Canada of yesterday to your computer, with full-text digitized periodicals, government documents, and books from the 17th to the 20th century.    Genealogists will find family and local histories, voters’ lists, Parliamentary papers, and other official publications.  Students will find primary source material on any aspect of Canadian history.  And the curious will find all kinds of things!

Intrigued?  How could you not be?  Learn all about it on May 24 at the Main Branch when Daniel Velarde, Communications Officer at, will be here to show us how to get the most from this virtual library of Canadiana.  Register here:  Early Canadiana Online or call InfoService at  613-580-2940.