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Welcome to Writing Program - Evocative Writing

Welcome to Writing Series - Evocative Writing - Wordcraft for Emotional Impact with Amanda O'Gorman.

The Stittsville Creative Writing Group, in conjunction with the Ottawa Public Library, is pleased to present the Welcome to Writing Series. This is a collection of seminars or workshops with the goal of making you a better writer. Our intent is to foster creativity, literacy, and love of the written word. Members of the SCWG will present on the indicated topic. Registration is required.

The writer's adage says: don't tell your audience what you want them to know, show them what you want them to see.  You have practiced descriptive writing.  Now, step deeper into writing that is immersive.  Learn to use the tools of all five senses, as well as memory, emotion and soulfulness, to create a moment that your reader can feel, as well as see.  In this seminar we will explore the potential impact of word choice, and why selecting the best word for the moment is like creating a gourmet meal in which all the colours, flavours and aromas must compliment one another for full effect.  This will be a workshop in which you are welcome to create something new, or to rework a previously written piece that you want to take from Descriptive to Evocative.