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Ottawa Room Treasure: "a Book of Tried and Tested Receipts"

Par romaine_h


Hey, Ottawa foodies!  You may know where to find the best gelato, but have you ever roasted a fresh tongue?  Or dressed a bullock’s heart?  Those were apparently necessary skills for Ottawa cooks in 1881, when the Ladies’ Association of Bank Street Church published The Canadian Economist: A Book of Tried and Tested Receipts, which sold for $2; the profits to be devoted to the church.  You have to love a cookbook that devotes a whole chapter to “Fried Cream, Batter Puddings, Fritters and Dough-Nuts”, not to mention the one on “Fish and Frogs”.

If you have a sweet tooth, you may prefer the recipe for a dessert called “French Flummery”, or, perhaps, this quintessential Ottawa dessert: 

The Canadian Economist is held in the Ottawa Room at the Main Branch, for consultation only; and can also be viewed online on the Internet Archive website.  

The Canadian Economist

A Book of Tried and Tested Receipts