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Riders Series



Riders Series

By Veronica Rossi


Riders, book 1

Seeker, book 2


Four young men die only to be reawakened wearing magical gleaming cuffs.  Who are they?


Blake is in a military training camp when he falls to his death during a parachute accident.  To his great surprise, he not only survives but also finds out that he is now War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.  It seems that he is appropriately named since he is filled with rage.  In this fast paced tale of battles and magical powers, five young people set out to save the world.  The basic premise is exciting and the apocalyptic horses are quite fabulous.  Although the characters are derived from the book of Revelations, this is not an end of times scenario, nor is it religious.  It is a quest.


Fast paced, globetrotting and full of scary monsters, there is not a page without action and adventure. Adrenalin is the hallmark of this series, which is comprised of two books: Riders and Seeker.  I would recommend these books especially for young people who enjoy a fast paced narrative (no long descriptions, lots of dialogue).  The first book is all about battling evil and the second book is all about finding redemption.  Seeker is a little more philosophical, questioning the nature of judgment and forgiveness, but it is still plenty fast and furious.


This is a very male centered story and though there are a couple of females and a bit of romance, it is mostly about fighting.   If a navy seal entered an extreme horseback riding competition in the underworld, you would come close to the ambience of this tale. It is an enjoyable series and I liked both books.

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