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Stories from the Forest

Join the Ottawa Public Library as it partners with Ottawa StoryTellers for its 29th annual Ottawa Children's Storytelling Festival!

At 3pm, forest creatures with quirky personalities come to life through the animated tellings of Laura Davidson Leet and Uchechi Ogbonna. Both talented tellers use their voice, their stance, and their gestures to bring these characters to life.

The event will be held at Ben Franklin Place, at The Chamber (101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 0B5) alongside stories told for kids of various ages, crafts for the whole family, and life-size board games!

Ages 6 to 12. 

If you can't be there in person, you can livestream the event here:

More about the storytellers: 

"Telling stories in the forest brings me so much joy. When I cannot do that, I bring the forest into the classroom and into my home. Nothing brings me more joy than a child asking to hear a story again or when they start telling me their own stories.  I love creating personalities for animals to bring them to life for the children. The stories involve a bit of whimsy and will take the children along for an adventure with the animals."  Laura Davidson Leet is a storyteller, a Forest and Nature School educator, a teacher, and a parent who loves to spend time outdoors.

Once upon a time in a country called Nigeria, there was a special girl named Uchechi. She loved to tell stories! Uchechi felt very happy when she told stories because it helped her tell others about her culture. Now, Uchechi Ogbonna lives in a place called Ottawa, and she continues to share her experiences with everyone by telling stories that are easy for people to understand and enjoy. Uchechi wants people to learn and have fun at the same time. So, she tells stories that we can all relate to. When we listen to her stories, we feel happy and maybe learn something new too!