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Phil Jenkins - Passage to Ottawa: How Immigration has Shaped our City's Cultural Mosaic

Join Phil Jenkins, a celebrated historian, author, columnist, lecturer, and multifaceted musician and songwriter, as he delves into the profound impact of immigration on our city's rich history.

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Phil Jenkins - Sunnyside Presenter
par Anthony_OPL

Phil Jenkins, born in 1951 in London, embarked on a life of adventure from a young age. After returning to Ottawa in 1978, he pursued a dual career as a writer and a performing songwriter. Phil's musical journey spans over 40 years, from busking in Ottawa to entertaining on Adventure Canada expeditions. As an author, he explored Canada's family farms in "Fields of Vision" and sailed the Saint Lawrence on a nineteenth-century schooner for "River Song." Three of his books became bestsellers, and he's also contributed to publications like National Geographic Traveller. Phil is a sought-after lecturer on Canadian history, captivating audiences across the country and on Adventure Canada voyages.