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Democracy on Trial

2024 will be one of the most consequential years in the history of democracy. Elections have been or will be held in many countries ranging in size and power from El Salvador to India. The decisions of voters will determine whether the worldwide growth in authoritarianism over the past twenty years will continue or democracy will begin to make a comeback.

The US Presidential and Congressional elections on Tuesday November 5 stand out as an especially critical democratic moment for two reasons: first because they will be a supreme test of American democracy; and second because they will send a powerful message to the rest of the world, including the dictatorships and wannabe dictatorships.

The group will discuss the background and issues of Democracy on Trial and week by week follow the important democratic events and developments of 2024.

Mr. Robert Miller will lead the discussion. He is the author of Canada and Democratic Development and, prior to his retirement, served as President and CEO of the Parliamentary Centre, Canada’s leading institution promoting and supporting international democratic development.

Session #1 Wednesday, April 3: Is History Repeating Itself?

Session #2, Wednesday April 10: Democratic Fatigue and the Appeal of the Strong Man

Session #3, Wednesday, April 17: Big Countries and Small: The Cases of El Salvador and Rwanda, Russia and India

Session # 4, Wednesday, April 24: The Fire Next Door: The Authoritarian Impulse in the United States

Session #5, Wednesday, May 1: Donald Trump and the Invention of Trumpism

Session #6, Wednesday, May 8: Can it Happen Here? If Trump wins, is Canada next? A discussion with John Ibbitson, Globe and Mail columnist and one of Canada’s leading authors on politics and public affairs.

Registration recommended.   

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