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Thursday Movie Classics: The 400 Blows

Par OPL_Film


On Thursday November 23rd we will be continuing our Thursday Movie Classics series in the Main branch auditorium with The 400 Blows. The event is free to attend as always and we welcome everyone to participate in the post-film discussion.

The first feature of acclaimed French director François Truffaut, The 400 Blows was one of the major films that heralded the French New Wave. This coming-of-age film follows Antoine Doinel as he struggles to find himself while constantly being at odds with his parents and school authorities. Antoine's delinquincy is displayed through a variety of events that get him in trouble at school and with the law.

The film stars Jean-Pierre Léaud, who would go on to reprise his role as Antoine Doinel in four other films directed by Truffaut. As with many films of the New Wave movement, The 400 Blows is shot primarily on location and explores many of the social issues of the time in France.


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