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Sports Movies You’ll Cheer For


  Eddie the Eagle, Pelé, and Secretariat

Inspired after watching the 2018 Winter Olympics?  Looking forward to March Madness, the start of baseball season, and/or the NHL playoffs?  The list below is a selection of recommended sports movies available at the Ottawa Public Library that are worth watching either as a rookie or on a replay. 


Want comedy or drama combined with Winter Olympic sports?  Check out Eddie the Eagle (ski jumping); Cool Runnings (bobsleigh); I, Tonya (figure skating); and Men with Brooms (curling).  Taron Egerton gives an impressive performance transforming himself into the title role of Eddie the Eagle and there’s a lot of buzz around the movie I, Tonya (currently on-order, but expected to arrive soon on Express at the Ottawa Public Library). 


But we don’t want to limit you to just the Winter Olympic sports, these sports classics are worth a replay:  Remember the Titans (football), A League of Their Own (baseball), Slap Shot (hockey), Race (track), and Secretariat (horse racing).  Beyond the movie itself, it’s worth checking out the special features in Secretariat to see the archival footage of the legendary horse run.


All the DVDs in the list below are available for request at the Ottawa Public Library with the exception of the Express DVDs (Battle of the Sexes and I, Tonya).  Most of the movies in this list have subtitles available for people who have difficulty hearing and a small group also have the option of described video (including McFarland, USA).

Click the link below for the full list.